Pesticide-Free Philosophy

Twinsberry Tree Farm is proud to offer its Christmas Tree buyers Pesticide Free Christmas Trees for the Holiday decorating season.  We are able to culturally raise Christmas Trees without using chemicals by applying basic biological principles in raising our trees.

The basic biological principle in raising pesticide free Christmas Trees is to supply our tree fields with multiple species and uneven age Christmas Trees.  Once a Christmas Trees is harvested from our fields, we grind the tree stumps and hand plant a sapling the following spring.  This tree may be of the same species or a different species of Christmas Tree.  Replacing a harvested tree within an area while leaving 3 or 4 other trees within this same area which are multiple species and uneven age, allows us to avoid many insects and diseases which often plague monoculture tree plantings.

We rigorously mow our tree fields and shear our trees to our customer’s satisfaction.  Feel free to stop at Twinsberry Tree Farm to look at, smell and experience the tradition of buying a tree which is Pesticide Free.